What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a positive, life-enhancing, tool.  It is used to assist people dealing with issues in their lives. These may include relationship change, loss and grief, work life balance, decisions regarding career choice and change, bullying, self esteem, health; both physical and mental, family relationships and new parenting issues. People of all ages and stages of their lives can find it helpful, from childhood through to, adolescence, parenting, empty nest and retirement. Art therapy can provide an opportunity to make change through the art to see how it feels,  before implementing that change in your life. It can increase self-esteem and personal awareness, help initiate personal growth and heighten self-awareness.

How Can it Help?

The Art Therapist is there to walk along side the client on their journey, to empower them, be a guide and provide knowledge where helpful.  The client knows themselves better than anyone else and the Art Therapist enables them to see their life skills and support systems in their own way and time.

How Do the Art Therapy Sessions Work?

Art Therapy is a client centred, art based approach encompassing neurological and psychological theory with a focus on psychoanalysis. The session starts with some dialogue to draw out issues and a goal for the session. The therapist then chooses an appropriate art medium to explore the issue to help the client reach their set goal.  The client interprets their artwork from various angles and can experiment by making changes to it before trying the changes in real life.  Research suggests we can clarify problems when we explore them by expressing our current thoughts through our art.

By being client centred, the client interprets their artwork in their own way, so the therapy remains non judgemental. With this approach the sessions allow the client to use their art to generate insight and possible solutions.

No artistic ability is required.  Art therapy is used in many countries around the world as a powerful tool in communication especially where one cannot find the right words to express their feelings.

 Art Materials

Different materials can be used, such as paint, pastels, pencils, crayons, clay, collage, sand, journals or wood, depending on individual needs.  With my florist background I also integrate flowers and Art Therapy.

My Art Therapy sessions are offered as group sessions and can be tailored to suit particular circumstances. I can provide Art Therapy in various settings, to suit the client eg:, schools, hospitals, retirement homes and the workplace.


Art Therapists can work alongside the medical profession, doctors, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, youth workers, mental health workers, teachers, speech pathologists, and many more to provide the best care possible.